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universe_today, modeled on communities like farscape_weekly, collects links from Livejournal and elsewhere that pertain to Babylon 5 fandom: fanfiction, meta-analysis, fan art, icon challenges, fanfiction challenges, news, and more. Updates will be posted every Thursday .

If you wish to report a relevant link - or have a burning question to ask - please leave a comment to the latest issue of the newsletter.

There is no need to join the community to follow it (only the maintainers have posting access); just friending it is enough to have it show on your friends list.

universe_today also has a watcher journal (eye_on_b5) to make collecting the links easier. If you regularly post B5 fanfic, meta etc. leave a comment here and you will be added to the watch list.

For a complete list of Babylon 5 communities on Livejournal, see here.

The community layout graphics are by the talented flarn_chef.


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