Apr. 8th, 2017

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I update once every 2 weeks (or so) with fiction, challenges etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have news or anything you think needs to be featured here. Just send me a PM at [personal profile] alexcat or post it to the update and I’ll include it the next time.

Welcome to all and welcome to our mirror journal at Dreamwidth. We will be beginning a new season of Babylon 5 at [community profile] b5_revisited next Monday. This is season 4 and we’d love for you to join us.

A Mini History Lesson (3) by pallasite (Gen).
What is an Ant to A God? by jono74656 (Jason Ironheart, Kosh, Gen).
A Mini History Lesson (4) by pallasite (Lyta, Gen).
A Mini History lesson (5) by pallasite (Teen and up).
Daniel’s Story by pallasite (OCs, Teen and up).
Destiny’s Helpers by Nethwen (Various, Mature).
After All My Goodbyes by Texbard (Talia/Susan, Mature).
”Eyes” from Gray’s POV (part 1) by pallasite (Various, Gen).
The Sayonese AffairMorgan Clark as Tragic Hero? by pallasite (Clark, Bester, Gen).
Graveyard Shift by Ibenholt (Londo/G’kar, Gen).
The Blue-Collar Scholar of Minbari by Anonymous (OC, Teen and up).
Departute Stigma – The Invisible Heroes of Psi Corps by pallasite (Various, Gen).
”Eyes” from Gray’s POV (Part 2) by pallaside (Various, Gen).
Guilt by TallysGreatestFan (Delenn, T).
Shado0w Flight by Teityan1 (Talia, K+).
Reconciliation by Teityan1 (Lennier, K).
In Times of Darkness by TallysGreatestFan (Lennier, Delnn, T).
Beyond the Rim: Sheridan by Jameson9101322 (Sheridan, Lorien, Gen).
by shadowsamurai (Sinclair/Ivanova, Delenn/Sheridan, various others, AU, Teen and Up).

I only display a sampling of the latest from the artists. Please check out their pages at Deviant Art.
Na’toth by [profile] scifiman.
Babylon 5 Starfury by Rodovan.
Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers by Jonathan Bluestone.

Absolutely nothing happened in Sector 83 by 9 by 12 today. I repeat, nothing happened in Sector 83 by 9 by 12.
Babylon 5 Books is moving from Café Press to Amazon
Babylon 5 Books has announced a new B5 Encyclopedia. You can order it as a hardcover physical edition or as an online edition or both. It’s a little pricy but it looks really cool.
Happy Birthday to Babylon 5 - Premiering on Jan 26, 1994.

Communities and members:
*New Babylon 5 Facebook Page: We are brand new and have only 12 or so members right now. Come join us and start a conversation.
**Recap and Discussion for 3 x 22 – Z’ha’dum at [community profile] b5_revisited.
**[community profile] b5_revisited is beginning their rewatch of Season 4 on April 10, 2017. We welcome all watchers and commenters too! Signups for Season 4 are Here.
**With the new TOS in Russian at LJ and with the discomfort that many of us share, [personal profile] ruuger has graciously migrated the content from LJ to mirror journals here. We will post the same content to both for the time being and all of you are welcome to join the communities here!
Here is a list:
Babylon 5 Revisited
Babylon 5 Love
Universe Today

Fun things:
If you have Facebook, ‘like’
Bill Mumy shares lots of nostalgic photos of himself from various tv shows he’s been on as well as family photos and his music.
Bruce Boxleitner for updates on Bruce and some nice convention photos.
Claudia Christian for some Ivanova fun and photos.
Patricia Tallman does a few fun things at her FB page and she has a newsletter you can subscribe to while you're there.
Jason Carter for some of Jason’s zaniness. He does post some as well as a mod.
Fans of J. Michael Straczynski for updates from the man himself and mods.
***The Zocalo Today is a great place to read news and fun stuff from fans.***
***Babylon 5 Facebook Group is a fan group. It is quite busy, with over 17,000 members.***
I have started a new Babylon 5 page at Facebook and we are eager to get new members.
Babylon 5 Fans and Friends is a new group. Come join us!

** April Birthdays**
Christopher Franke - April 6
Maggie Egan - April 11
Tony Dow - April 13
Warren Takeuchi - April 19
Peter Jurasik - April 25

Send us your news~!


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